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It's all about Hose Safety!

Hose Safety equipment play an important role in preventing accidents; increase hose life, increase economic benefit and return on investment. Since hoses are an expensive investment, it only is prudent to ensure that they are well protected. This month our focus is on hose safety and protection. Click here to view our range of Hose Safety Equipment.

Discount of 54% on the IVG Vacpower Suction Hose for Dry Abrasives!

From suction and discharge of abrasives like sand to dry bulk materials and dry cement, the IVG Vacpower Corrugated Suction Hose for Dry Abrasives is used in a variety of applications to ensure a hassle free suction and discharge of dry abrasive materials. Claim your 54% discount only for the month of May 2021. Order your IVG Vacpower Suction Hose today.

Ship to Shore liquid transfer, made easy!

The DANTEC range of Composite hoses are the best solution for transferring liquids from Ship-to-Shore. 

Why Dantec?

Safety factor is at 4:1 for standard and heavy duty hoses

Inner Galvanised Steel helix with high tensile strength wire is economical, with good mechanical strength

Outer Galvanised Steel Helix offers High Tensile Strength and is economical

The polypropylene lining and sealing film offer excellent dimensional stability, good surface hardness and chemical resistance.

Dantec Composite Hose - Ship to Shore And it's back!

The Apollo NL1 which ruled the Non destructive digging industry is back again with its versatile features. And what better way to de-water the rain filled excavation areas other than the Apollo NL 1. Place your order  now before the stock finishes.